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TSL Indoor Volleyball

Indoor volleyball began in the 1980’s at the Maplewood Salvation Army gymnasium.  For the safety and protection of the players, one needed an invitation from a current player and a “password” was needed to enter the gym. This initial “league” became known as “Tuesday Night Volleyball” which was comprised of approximately 15-20 gay players that had the desire to play “gay volleyball”.

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TSL Kickball League

The TSL Rainbow Kickball League was founded by Tom Walsh and Calvin White in 2004.  This LGBTA league consists of two divisions:  competitive and recreational.  Teams are comprised of all men, all women or any combination of co-ed players.  Nine persons are needed to field a team but, a roster can accommodate up to 20 persons.  TSL hosts two sessions:  Spring session begins in April; Fall session begins in September – both sessions run in length for approximately 8-9 weeks. The TSL Rainbow Kickball League is played at Tower Grove Park on Saturdays.

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TSL Soccer Team:  East Avenue Hooligans FC

In 2005 a group of 10 soccer players came together to form St. Louis' first LGBTA indoor soccer team. Playing as Boys and Girls with Balls at the Vetta Soccerdome soccer house the team philosophy was to play hard, make friends and provide a soccer outlet for the LGBTA community.

In 2006 the team was renamed East Avenue Hooligans FC. The East Avenue represented the street that Soccerdome was located on while the Hooligans represented our frequent late nights at the Soccerdome bar.

In 2008 the team relocated to its current soccer house, Vetta Concord. We currently have 13 rostered players, including two members from the original team. The Hooligans play on Sunday nights in a coed recreational league that runs throughout the year.

For more information contact: Hooligans@teamsaintlouis.org

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