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Indoor volleyball began in the 1980’s at the Maplewood Salvation Army gymnasium.  For the safety and protection of the players, one needed an invitation from a current player and a “password” was needed to enter the gym. This initial “league” became known as “Tuesday Night Volleyball” which was comprised of approximately 15-20 gay players that had the desire to play “gay volleyball”.

Through the years, the league grew with the number of players and teams.  In 2009, Team Saint Louis took over management of “Tuesday Night Volleyball” which had been independently managed.  The TSL Indoor Volleyball League hosts over 40 teams with 300+ players on Tuesday nights at St. Louis Community College - Forest Park.

The league consists of four divisions of play:  power, advanced, intermediate and recreational. All divisions are 6-person teams that can consist of all male, all female or any combination of co-ed players.

For more information contact our Indoor Volleyball League Director at TSL-VB@teamsaintlouis.org.


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pdfDownload/View REVISED TUESDAY TSL Indoor Volleyball League Schedule                           effective 4/24/2017

pdfDownload/View REVISED WEDNESDAY TSL Indoor Volleyball League Schedule                     effective 3/22/2017



pdfView/Download Standings for TUESDAY League as of April 4, 2017

pdfView/Download Standings for TUESDAY League as of April 11, 2017

pdfView/Download Standings for WEDNESDAY League as of April 5, 2017

pdfView/Download Standings for WEDNESDAY League as of April 12, 2017


Team Registration and Rosters are available HERE.

As a first-time user, you will need to click on "REGISTER" to create your Login information and roster.  


Contact our League Directors for more information or to register:  




St. Louis Community College - Forest Park

5600 Oakland Ave

St. Louis, MO 63110


Want to play but, you don't have a team - contact our League Directors for placement assistance.

Email TSL-VB@teamsaintlouis.org.


For Indoor Volleyball League information, contact our League Directors at TSL-VB@teamsaintlouis.org.


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